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  5. Articulate Voice, The: An Introduction to Voice and Diction

Articulate Voice, The: An Introduction to Voice and Diction, 4th edition

  • Lynn K. Wells

Published by Pearson (March 17th 2003) - Copyright © 2004

4th edition

Articulate Voice, The: An Introduction to Voice and Diction

ISBN-13: 9780205380329

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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The Articulate Voice taps into the most current research to clearly and concisely deliver the basics on voice production and techniques for improving pitch, rate, volume, and quality. KEY TOPICS: As opposed to books geared more specifically toward the stage, speech, and ESL, this book serves as a guide for anyone in need of guidance in voice and diction. MARKET: For anyone interested in voice production techniques, for those in the broadcasting industry and ESL students looking to improve their English accent.

Table of contents

Each chapter begins with “Terms” and concludes with “Exercises,” “Chapter Review,” “Application” and “Focus Message.”

1. An Introduction.

Communication: A Discussion.

Influences on Your Voice and Speech.

Improving Your Voice.

2. Mechanisms for Speech.





3. Language.

Language Defined.

History of English.

Language Development in the Individual.

4. Pitch.

Inflection: The Paralinguistics of Pitch.


Extralinguistic Features.

Pitch Variety.

5. Volume.

The Paralinguistic Factors of Loudness.

Syllabic Stress.



6. Rate/Duration.

Speaking/Reading Rate.


Speech Phrasing.


Rate Assessments.

7. Quality.



8. Articulation.



Individual Differences/Dialects.

Program for Improvement.

9. Vowels.

Approach to Vowel Study.

Front Vowels.

Back Vowels.

Mid Vowels.


Special Diphthong.

Additional Drill.

10. Consonants.

Approach to Consonant Study.

Bilabial Consonants.

Labio-Dental Consonants.

Lingua-Dental Consonants.

Lingua-Alveolar Consonants.

Lingua-Palatal Consonants.

Velar Consonants.

Glottal Consonants.

Additional Drill.

A Final Word.

Appendix 1. IPA Pronunciation Guides.

Appendix 2. 100 Commonly Mispronounced Words.

Appendix 3. Vocabulary Builders.

Appendix 4. S

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