AutoCAD Book, The: Drawing, Modeling, and Applications Using AutoCAD 2002, 1st edition

  • James M. Kirkpatrick

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The AutoCAD® Book: Drawing, Modeling, and Applications Using AutoCAD® 2002 provides a hands-on approach to concepts of AutoCAD® 2002, allowing the users to start drawing early on in the text. The text begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of AutoCAD®, its on-screen appearance and interface, and ways to solve common problems. It then moves from basic AutoCAD® commands to advanced 3-Dimensional activities. The text ends with a series of application chapters, with activities for architectural, civil, electronic, and electromechanical drawing and for technical illustrating.

The text includes the following features to help users learn, practice, and master AutoCAD® skills:

  • An easy-to-fallow "prom ptiresponse" format that takes users step by step through each new command/activity
  • Margin notes that help new AutoCAD® users become more comfortable with the software
  • Practice exercises in every chapter
  • Real-world applications for a variety of fields
  • Numerous figures, screen captures, and illustrations
  • Review questions at the end of every chapter

Table of contents


 1. Introduction.

 2. The AutoCAD 2000 Program.

 3. Common Problems and Solutions.

 4. Preparing to Draw with AutoCAD.


 5. Using Raster Images in AutoCAD Drawings.

 6. AutoCAD Text.

 7. Block Diagrams.

 8. Plotting.

 9. Geometric Constructions.

10. Using 2-D Commands to Draw Orthographic Views.

11. Drawings, Formats, Blocks, Attributes, and the Design Center.

12. External References (XREFs).

13. Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

14. Sectional Drawings and Hatching.

15. Isometric Drawing.

16. Basic 3-D and the AutoCAD Design Center.

17. Customizing Toolbars and Menus.


18. Advanced 3-D.

19. Advanced 3-D: Blocks, Dview, and 3D Orbit.

20. Using Model Space, Paper Space, and Layouts to Create, Document, and Present 2-D and 3-D Shapes.

21. Advanced Modeling: Solids and Regions.

22. Three-Dimensional Tutorial Exercises, Including Rendering.


23. Architectural Applications.

24. Civil Applications.

25. Electronic Applications.

26. Electromechanical Packaging Applications.

27. Technical Illustration Applications.



Published by Peachpit Press (November 5th 2001) - Copyright © 2002