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BECOMING A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL is the ideal text for every student who is interested in exploring, planning, and preparing for a career in health care. Its information and supplemental resources apply to all health occupations and settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, physician offices, dental practices, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and biotechnology research and development labs. Comprehensive, informative, inspiring, and timely, it presents real-world insights emphasizing both the challenges and rewards of a health career. It helps future workers understand what it takes to develop and maintain the reputation of a health care professional. Content stresses the importance of a professional image, a strong work ethic, good character, teamwork, cultural competence, and effective communication with coworkers, patients, and physicians. Readers will find expert, up-to-date insights into identifying the right health occupation, legal and ethical responsibilities, clinical internships, credentialing requirements, personal wellness, workplace safety, and much more.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Health Careers

2. Working in Health Care

3. Communication in Health Care

4. The Health Care Industry

5. Finding the Right Occupation for You

6. Working with Patients

7. Your Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

8. Your Clinical Internship

9. Health, Wellness, and Safety

10. Employment, Leadership, and Professional Development

Closing Thoughts



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