Becoming Qualitative Researchers: An Introduction, 5th edition

  • Corrine Glesne


Beginning researchers get an overview of qualitative research through a concise look at the practice of conducting research and the theory and debates that keep qualitative inquiry vibrant.


Ideal for introducing the novice researcher to the theory and practice of qualitative research, this text opens students to the diverse possibilities within this inquiry approach, while helping them understand how to design and implement specific research methods. The author’s accessible writing style, the wealth of examples, and the numerous exercises provide opportunities for practicing and refining the skills of becoming a qualitative researcher. The new edition focuses on the development of research proposals (Ch. 2); the history and concerns of institutional review boards (IRBs) and issues qualitative researchers sometimes confront when submitting proposals (Ch. 6); greater information and examples on coding and thematic analysis, while also introducing other approaches to data analysis (Ch. 7); and arts based research through a chapter that encourages consideration of creative ways to approach and represent inquiry (Ch. 9). Chapter 10 looks at sharing research results through participation at conferences and in publications.

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Meeting Qualitative Inquiry

CHAPTER 2 Research Design and Other Prestudy Tasks: Doing What Is Good for You

CHAPTER 3 Being There: Developing Understanding through Participant Observation, Documents, and Visual Research

CHAPTER 4 Making Words Fly: Developing Understanding through Interviewing

CHAPTER 5 Field Relations: Researcher Roles, Rapport, and Reflexivity

CHAPTER 6 But Is It Ethical? Considering What Is “Right”

CHAPTER 7 Finding Your Story: Data Analysis

CHAPTER 8 Crafting Your Story: Writing Up Qualitative Data

CHAPTER 9 Improvising a Song of the World: Arts Based Research

CHAPTER 10 The Continuing Search

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