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Bioengineering Fundamentals, 2nd edition

  • Ann Saterbak
  • KaYiu San
  • Larry V. McIntire

Published by Pearson (April 28th 2017) - Copyright © 2018

2nd edition

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Bioengineering Fundamentals

ISBN-13: 9780134637433

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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For sophomore-level courses in Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, and related fields.


A unifying, interdisciplinary approach to the fundamentals of bioengineering

Now in its 2nd Edition, Bioengineering Fundamentals combines engineering principles with technical rigor and a problem-solving focus, ultimately taking a unifying, interdisciplinary approach to the conservation laws that form the foundation of bioengineering: mass, energy, charge, and momentum. The text emphasizes fundamental concepts, practical skill development, and problem-solving strategies while incorporating a wide array of examples and case studies. This 2nd Edition has been updated and expanded with new and clarified content, plus new homework and example problems.

Table of contents



1. Introduction to Engineering Calculations

2. Foundations of Conservation Principles

3. Conservation of Mass

4. Conservation of Energy

5. Conservation of Charge

6. Conservation of Momentum

7. Case Studies


Appendix A: List of Symbols

Appendix B: Factors for Unit Conversions

Appendix C: Periodic Table of the Elements

Appendix D: Tables of Biological Data

Appendix E: Thermodynamic Data



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