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Biology on the Cutting Edge: Concepts, Issues, and Canadian Research around the Globe, 1st edition

  • Sharon L. Gillies
  • WE Hewitt

Published by Pearson Canada (July 2nd 2010) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

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Science is an ongoing process that is constantly seeking to increase our understanding of the world around us. This collection of cutting-edge essays written by researchers across Canada introduces inquiry to the classroom and gets students asking “How did they ever figure that out?” Biology on the Cutting Edge features essays divided into three categories: Research Essays to highlight specific findings made by research groups, Issue Essays to explore contentious issues and topics, and Concept Essays that give students a thorough picture of the most current state of research in a given field.

Table of contents

Adult Neurogenesis: Hormones and Sex Are Good for Your Brain (Concept Essay)

Sarah Hewitt, Mount Royal University


Arabidopsis Thaliana, a Model Organism for Molecular Genetic Studies in Plants: How and Why Was Arabidopsis Chosen over Other Plants? (Concept Essay)

George Haughn and Ljerka Kunst, University of British Columbia


Barcoding Biodiversity: The Use of DNA Sequences to Identify Species (Concept Essay)

T. Ryan Gregory, University of Guelph 


Biofuels: What Will We Do When We Run Out of Oil? (Issues Essay)

David Bird, Mount Royal University


Biotechnology and Human Health: Producing Therapeutic Protein in Transgenic Plants (Issues Essay)

Ron Wilen, University of the Fraser Valley


Bitter Taste: Genetics and Plant Secondary Compounds (Concept Essay)

 Sharon L. Gillies, University of the Fraser Valley


Bubbles in Foods: Softness, Sweetness, and Light (Concept Essay)

Martin G. Scanlon, University of Manitoba


The Burgess Shale and the Cambrian Explosion: Evolution in the Rear-View Mirror (Concept Essay)

 Heather Jamniczky, University of Calgary


Butterfly Hearing: Wings Aren’t Just for Flying Anymore (Research Essay)

Sarah Hewitt, Mount Royal University


Cancer Biomarkers: What Are They, and How Do We Use Them to Personalize Cancer Treatment? (Issues Essay)

Graham Dellaire, Dalhousie University


Choline Metabolism and Transport: The Sunny Side of Eggs (Research Essay)

Vera Michel and Marica Bakovic, University of Guelph


CO2 Levels and Plants: What’s So Wrong with a Greenhouse? (Issues Essay)

Sharon L. Gillies, University of the Fraser Valley


Connecting Salamander Habitat in Waterton Lakes National Park: Building Tunnels to Love (Issues Essay)

Niki Wilson and Barbara Johnston, Parks Canada


Epigenetics: You Inherit More than Your Genes (Concept Essay)

 Samantha A. Beck, University of British Columbia


The Evolution of the Vertebrate Jaw: How Would You Eat without One? (Concept Essay)

 Julia C. Boughner, University of Saskatchewan


Forensic Entomology: Using Insects to Solve Crimes (Concept Essay)

Gail S. Anderson, Simon Fraser University


Gender Differences in Children’s Toy Preferences: Biologically Determined or Socially Conditioned? (Research Essay)

Evelyn F. Field, Mount Royal University


Gene Programming: How Many Genes Does It Take to Program a Seed? (Research Essay)

Mark Belmonte, University of Manitoba


Genomes Large and Small: The Evolution of Genome Size in Eukaryotes (Concept Essay)

 T. Ryan Gregory, University of Guelph


The Grad Student Life: Thinking outside the Textbook:  (Concept Essay)

Logan Banadyga, University of Alberta


Human Adaptation to High Altitude Hypoxia: Getting High (Concept Essay)

Trevor A. Day, Mount Royal University


Identifying Proteins Involved in Plant Cell Wall Modification: How Forward Genetics Can Be Used to Study Biology (Research Essay)

George Haughn, University of British Columbia


Invertebrates in Medicine: Maggots, Leeches, and Hookworms (Issues Essay)

Sharon L. Gillies, University of the Fraser Valley


Japanese Knotweed: Invasion of the Clones? (Research Essay)

Sharon L. Gillies, University of the Fraser Valley


Maintenance of Genome Stability: Why Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Concept Essay)

 Ebba U. Kurz, University of Calgary


Maternal Stress: Is My Mother Harming or Helping Me? (Research Essay)

Oliver P. Love, University of Windsor


A Matter of Life and Death: Viruses Inhibit Cell Suicide (Concept Essay)

Logan Banadyga and Michele Barry, University of Alberta


A Most Pervasive Prion Disease: Chronic Wasting Disease Continues to Spread and Shows No Signs of Slowing (Issues Essay)

Sandra Haney, PrioNet Canada

Michelle Wong, PrioNet Canada

Lyanne Foster, Alberta Prion Research Institute


The Myriad Causes of Autism: Structural Variation is a Significant Contributor (Research Essay)

Rick J. Scavetta, The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology


Neuropathic Pain: Are You Too Sensitive? (Research Essay)

Sarah Hewitt, Mount Royal University


New Species Right Before Our Eyes: How Birdfeeders Can Influence Speciation (Research Essay)

Sarah Hewitt, Mount Royal University


Phytoremediation: Plants to the Rescue (Research Essay)

Sharon L. Gillies, University of the Fraser Valley


The Process of Science: Brain Food (Concept Essay)

Jay Ingram, Discovery Channel


Radioisotopic Imaging: Taking a Picture in order to See Clearly (Issues Essay)

Nathan Ackroyd, Mount Royal University


Remote Sensing: To Map or not to Map? Towards Characterizing the Distribution of Eastern Canada’s Shallow Marine Vegetation from above the Sea Surface (Research Essay)

Patrick Gagnon, Memorial University of Newfoundland 


Resistance to Antimalarial Drugs: Adaptive Evolution and Genetic Interactions (Research Essay)

Rick J. Scavetta, The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology


Seasonal Affective Disorder and Circadian Rhythms: Do You Get the Wintertime Blues? (Issues Essays)

Sarah Hewitt, Mount Royal University


Singulair Success: A Drug Discovery Classic (Issues Essay)

Alyson L. Kenward


Speciation and the Threespine Stickleback: The New Fishes of Paxton Lake (Issues Essay)

Joan Sharp, Simon Fraser University


Sustainable Agriculture:  How Can We Eat without Wrecking the Place? (Issues Essay)

Brenda Frick, University of Saskatchewan

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