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Bridging Multiple Worlds: Case Studies of Diverse Educational Communities, 2nd edition

  • Lorraine S. Taylor
  • Catharine R. Whittaker

Published by Pearson (April 18th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

2nd edition

Bridging Multiple Worlds: Case Studies of Diverse Educational Communities

ISBN-13: 9780205582518

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Reviewer Praise:


“I spend considerable time with the cases in Bridging Multiple Worlds. I appreciate the time the authors dedicate to explaining the importance of using cases [for education].”  —Michaela Colombo, University of Massachusetts–Lowell


“[Taylor and Whittaker] have done a thorough job of addressing all the definitions of multicultural education and the multitude of theories around it.”  —Dr. Joy Wiggins, University of Texas–Arlington


Informative and accessible, Bridging Multiple Worlds combines foundational chapters with real-world cases involving staff, students, and families in various school settings to promote thought and discussion about all facets of diversity—race, immigration, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, and exceptionality. Employing a decision-making scaffold, Taylor and Whittaker emphasize long-term, comprehensive solutions that promote school, home, and community cooperation and guide future teachers, counselors, service providers, and administrators toward an understanding of the complexity of school and community diversity issues.


New to this Edition:

  • Up-to-date research is included on immigration, white privilege, bilingual education, and family involvement and achievement.
  • A brand new Instructor’s Resource Manual provides background on using the case approach in class and cites supplemental resources.
  • A new chapter on sexual orientation includes a fresh case that deals with issues facing gay teachers.
  • The revised gender chapter features a brand new case incorporating recent research on boys and education.
  • A new case in the religion chapter addresses the extent to which changes in public school policy can or should be made to accommodate religious practice.
  • The revised chapter on poverty and socioeconomic class includes a new case about homeless children and families.



Table of contents




The Meaning of Diversity

Author’s Statement of Philosophy

Use of Terminology Related to Diversity


I. Diversity in the United States

 1. The Changing Pattern of Immigration

Historical Overview


Assimilation and Acculturation

Demographic Changes

Demographic Changes in the Schools



 2. The Current State of Education for Diverse Students in the United States

The Educational Progress of Diverse Learners

Multicultural Education

Preparation of Teachers for Diverse Learners



 3. Building Partnerships with Diverse Family and Communities

Family Involvement in the Schools

Characteristics of Families

The Family System

Culturally Diverse Families

The School-Family-Community Partnership


II. A Case for Cases

 4. The Development and Use of Cases in Teacher Education

What is a Teaching Case?

Why Are Case Discussions Valuable?

How Do Participants Analyze a Case?

How Do Participants Discuss a Case?



 5. Putting it All Together: Analyzing and Discussing a Case

Issues Regarding Migrant Farm Workers and Their Families

The Case of Jesus Gonzalez

Using the Case Decision-Making Scaffold

Follow-Up on Jesus Gonzalez


III. Case Studies in Diversity

 6. Race and Ethnicity

Currents Concepts of Race

Race and Ethnic Identity


The Case of Jim Peterson

The Case of Lisa Golden



 7. Culture and Language

Definition of Culture

Definition of Language

Cultural and Linguistic Difference

Implications for Education

Native American Mascots

The Case of the Onteora Indian

The Case of Fome Qureshi



 8. Poverty and Socioeconomic Status

Expectations and Realities

Current Facts

Impact of Poverty on School-Aged Children

State and Federal Provisions

What Can Schools Do?

The Case of Maria Ramirez

The Case of Sue Wi

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