British Financial Markets Institutions, 2nd edition

  • Jennifer Piesse
  • Ken Peasnell
  • Charles Ward

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An introductory to intermediate level text which adopts an international perspective in providing broad and analytical coverage of the structure and operation of the principal British financial markets and institutions. It also includes material on issues of small business finance, corporate and institutional governance, regulation and harmonization, and overviews of the financial systems of the emergent and major foreign markets, including Japan and the US. The text contains numerous examples and illustrtations, a glossary of terms, annotated futher reading and end-of-chapter questions and problems.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. The Structure of The Financial System.
  3. Introduction to the Financial System.
  4. Flow of Funds in the Economy.
  5. Financial Markets and Institutions.
  6. The Monetary System and the role of the Central Bank.
  7. The Valuation of Financial Instruments.
  8. International Macroeconomic Policy.
  9. Analysis of the Financial Markets.
  10. The Structure of Security Markets.
  11. The Equity Market.
  12. The Bond Market.
  13. The Derivatives Markets.
  14. The Money Markets.
  15. Euro-Security Markets.
  16. The financial Institutions.
  17. Introduction to the Financial Institutions.
  18. The Banking Sector.
  19. Non-Bank Deposit Taking Institutions.
  20. Insurance.
  21. Pension Funds and Investment Institutions.
  22. Governance and Regulation.
  23. Small Business Finance.
  24. Finance.
  25. Industry and Governance.
  26. Regulation and Internationsl Harmonization.
  27. Internantional Perspectives and Future Trends.
  28. An Overview of International Financial Systems.
  29. New Developments in the Financial Sector and Concluding Comments.

Published by Pearson (September 26th 1995) - Copyright © 1996