Building Enterprise Information Architectures: Reengineering Information Systems, 1st edition

  • Melissa Cook

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The manager's guide to building a business-oriented information systems architecture. KEY TOPICS: Written for IS and corporate management, CIOs, and consultants. Provides a practical, easy-to-use framework for developing and implementing an enterprise information architecture aligned with business requirements. Learn to eliminate redundancy, control costs, and deploy new technology in an orderly way.

Table of contents

 1. Historical Perspective.

 2. Gaining Support for an Enterprise Information Architecture.

 3. The Business Aproach to Enterprise Information Architecture Design.

 4. The Ballpark View of Process.

 5. The Ballpark View of Data.

 6. The Business Owner's View.

 7. Enterprise to Data Models.

 8. Warehousing Versus Operational Systems.

 9. Making It Happen.

10. Architecture Dependancies.

11. Architecture Investments.

12. What the Future May Hold.

Published by Pearson (January 22nd 1996) - Copyright © 1996