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Building Secure Software: How to Avoid Security Problems the Right Way (paperback), 1st edition

  • John Viega
  • Gary McGraw

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (September 24th 2001) - Copyright © 2002

1st edition

Building Secure Software: How to Avoid Security Problems the Right Way (paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780321774958

Includes: Paperback
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In the age of e-Business, information security is no longer a minor detail: it's at the heart of every business process and relationship. And software -- not firewalls, intrusion detection systems, or anything else -- is at the heart of most security problems. In Building Secure Software, two of the field's leading experts present a start-to-finish methodology for developing secure systems. They cover the entire software lifecycle, showing how to identify and respond to vulnerabilities as early in the process as possible, when security enhancements cost less -- and are more effective.KEY TOPICS:In Part I, the authors focus on the security issues developers should face before writing any code, demonstrating how to integrate security into your entire software engineering practice. Part II focuses on implementation, showing developers how to avoid a wide range of common security problems. Viega and McGraw show how to determine acceptable levels of risk, develop effective security testing processes, and understand in advance how applications would behave in response to an attack. The book contains extensive C-based source code examples.MARKET:For every software developer, software engineer, architect, security specialist, and networking professional called upon to build secure systems.

Table of contents




Code Examples.

Contacting Us.


1. Introduction to Software Security.

It's All about the Software.

Dealing with Widespread Security Failures.


CERT Advisories.

RISKS Digest.

Technical Trends Affecting Software Security.

The 'ilities.

What Is Security?.

Isn't That Just Reliability?

Penetrate and Patch Is Bad.

On Art and Engineering.

Security Goals.


Traceability and Auditing.


Privacy and Confidentiality.

Multilevel Security.




Know Your Enemy: Common Software Security Pitfalls.

Software Project Goals.


2. Managing Software Security Risk.

An Overview of Software Risk Management for Security.

The Role of Security Personnel.

Software Security Personnel in the Life Cycle.

Deriving Requirements.

Risk Assessment.

Design for Security.


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