Business Reengineering: The Survival Guide, 1st edition

  • Dorine C. Andrews
  • Susan K. Stalick

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Exceptionally practical in approach, this volume provides a “street smarts” survival guide for business professionals, information systems experts, managers, and executives who have been charged with making radical changes — i.e., business reengineering — in their organizations. It outlines a tried-and-tested systematic and interdisciplinary approach that addresses all facets of organization change—in business policies and control, systems and technology, organizational relationships and business practices, and reward programs. KEY TOPICS: Reviews the basic principles for quality business reengineering; shows how to create a new type of team structure that will involve the right people throughout the life of the project; outlines an 8-step life-cycle methodology for getting the reengineering project done as effectively and efficiently as possible; describes obstacles and problems that may be encountered and how to overcome them; and tells how to transition a continuous process improvement mode so reengineering will never have to be done again. MARKET: For systems designers, analysts, administrators, software managers, maintenance managers.

Published by Pearson (March 29th 1994) - Copyright © 1994