Case* Method: Business Interviewing, 1st edition

  • Linda Hickman

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This text emphasizes the key role of user feedback and involvement in formulating a business model and evolving a system architecture. The text also provides readers with a variety of approaches to system development. It gives practical advice on the conduct of interviews at a variety of stages, along with effective presentation techniques. This highly practical book covers the basic techniques of interviewing clients and describes and illustrates different approaches to the various stages of their system development cycle.

Table of contents



1. Introduction

Objectives of Interviewing * The Interview Process * Major Deliverables
* Key Factors * Context for Interviewing * How to Use This Book

2. A Simple Example

The Interview Situation * The Scene * How the Interview may Affect the
Project * Summary

3. Basic Interviewing

Introduction * Planning * Conducting the Interview * Consolidation *

4. Getting the Feel for Interviewing

Introduction * Four Key Skills * Acquiring New Skills

5. Interview Preparation

Introduction * A Typical Project * Briefing Meeting * Aims and
Objectives * Planning * Preparing for an Interview * Summary Checklist

6. Conducting a Business Interview

Introduction * SCENE I * SCENE II * SCENE III * Critique * Problem
Handling * Consolidation

7. Note-taking

The Note-taker's Role * Skills * Techniques * Summary * Practical

8. Using the Interview Material

Introduction * The Consolidation and Review Process * Key Outcomes *
Record Keeping * A Note on Planning * Summary * A Practice Exercise

9. Advanced Techniques

Introduction * Non-verbal Communication * Matching Conversational Style
* Verbal Matching *Practical Exercises * Summary

10. Special Interview Management

Introduction * Workshops * Feedback Sessions * Knowledge Elicitation *

11. Interviewing in a Business system Life Cycle

Introduction * Strategy-Early Days * Analysis/Design-Course of Action
Chosen * Implementation-Making the Changes Work * Interview Summary

References and Further Reading

Appendix A. The Story of a Project

Appendix B. Strategic Data Sources

Appendix C. Brief Overview of Related Techniques

Appendix D. Checklists for Interviewing

Glossary of Terms


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