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Cases in Management and Organizational Behavior, Vol. 2, 1st edition

  • Teri C. Tompkins

Published by Pearson (December 13th 2019) - Copyright © 2002

1st edition


ISBN-13: 9780130894649

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For courses in Organizational Behavior and Principles of Management.

Realistic, intermediate-length cases make up this inexpensive casebook. Based on real events but with all names changed, the cases either illustrate theory or describe a recent real-life dilemma requiring a decision. Cases are long enough to require significant analysis from the reader, but short enough that a wide variety of topics can be covered. Describes the full range of management, systems, group, interpersonal, and individual topics; also highlights international business, globalization, diversity, ethics, communications, and human resource decisions. References each case to several leading management and organizational behavior books. Offers a versatile range of material and organization, making book suitable for a variety of uses. An inexpensive, handy reference for trainers, organizational development consultants, and other Human Resources professionals.

Table of contents

Case Analysis Guideline.

Critical Incident Case Assignment.

Matrix of Cases and Subjects.


1. A Selfish Request in Japan, Tobias M. Lee. 2. Angry Branch Manager, Joe Underwood. 3. Café Latte, LLC, Kim Hui. 4. Changing Quotas, Susan Steele. 5. Computer Services Team at AVIONICS, Teri C. Tompkins. 6. Cost and Schedule Team at AVIONICS, Teri C. Tompkins. 7. Groupware Fiasco, Diane Fiero and Jonnetta Thomas-Chambers. 8. Incident on the USS Whitney, Jeff Balesh. 9. Insubordination or Unclear Loyalties?, Asbjorn Osland and Shannon Shoul. 10. Leading TQM in Panama, Asbjorn Osland. 11. Negotiating Work Hours, Loren Falkenberg and D. Ronald Franklin. 12. Preferential Treatment?, Brian Park. 13. Reputation in Jeopardy, Amber Borden. 14. Richard Prichard and the Federal Triad Programs, Earle Hall. 15. Saving Private Ryan Video Case: Classic Leadership Models, James C. Spee. 16. The Safety Memo, Gordon Baldwin. 17. The Volunteer, Louise A. Palermo. 18. Then There Was One, Susan Pippert. 19. Unprofessional Conduct, Andre Hamilton. 20. Violence at the United States Postal Service: The Killing of James Whooper by Bruce Clark, Dianne R. Layden. 21. When Worlds Collide, Russell Aebig.

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