Children with Exceptionalities in Canadian Classrooms, 8th edition

  • Margret Winzer

Children with Exceptionalities in Canadian Classrooms

ISBN-13:  9780132223942


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The overarching theme of this text is an examination of students with exceptionalities within Canadian schools.  The book stresses the psychological, cognitive, social, and physical differences that more and less able learners bring to the teaching/learning situation, the unique difficulties faced by children who are exceptional, the developmental consequences of various exceptionalities, and the multiple types of interventions necessary to accommodate these students effectively in local schools.  The age range spans infants to young adults.




Table of contents

Section 1 - Foundations of Special Education

Chapter 1        Introduction to Children Who Are Exceptional

Chapter 2        Issues and Trends in Canadian Special Education

Chapter 3        Risk Factors and Children at Risk


Section 2 - Children with Mild Differences in Learning

Chapter 4        Children with Speech and Language Differences

Chapter 5        Children with Learning Disabilities

Chapter 6        Children with Intellectual Disabilities


Section 3 - Children and Youth with Behavioural Disorders

Chapter 7        Children with Behavioural Disorders

Chapter 8        Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (NEW!)


Section 4 - Children Who Are Gifted, Talented, and Creative 

Chapter 9        Childern Who Are Gifted, Talented, and Creative


Section 5 - Children with Sensory Impairments

Chapter 10        Children with Hearing Impairments

Chapter 11        Children with Visual Impairments


Section 6 - Children with Low-Incidence Disabilities

Chapter 12        Children Who Have Special Health Care Needs

Chapter 13        Children with Neurological Disabilities

Chapter 14        Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Chapter 15        Children with Severe and Multiple Disabilities


Section 7 - Infants, Preschoolers, Families, and Young Adults

Chapter 16        Young Children Who Are Exceptional and Their Families

Chapter 17        Adolescents and Young Adults



Published by Pearson Canada (March 15th 2007) - Copyright © 2008