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Church Dogmatics Study Edition 12: The Doctrine of God II.2 § 36-39, 1st edition

  • Karl Barth

Published by T & T Clark International (September 30th 2010) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

Church Dogmatics Study Edition 12: The Doctrine of God II.2 § 36-39

ISBN-13: 9780567013408

Includes: Paperback

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What's included

  • Paperback

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Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics is one of the major theological works of the 20th century. The Swiss-German theologian Karl Barth (1886-1968) was the most original and significant Reformed theologian of the twentieth century. Barth began the Church Dogmatics in 1932 and continued working on its thirteen volumes until the end of his life. Barth's writings continue to guide and instruct the preaching and teaching of pastors and academics worldwide. The English translation was prepared by a team of scholars and edited by G. W. Bromiley and T. F. Torrance and published from 1936. A team of scholars at Princeton Theological Seminary have now provided the translation of Greek, Latin, Hebrew and French passages into English. The original is presented alongside the English translation. This makes the work more reader friendly and accessible to the growing number of students who do not have a working knowledge of the ancient languages. This new edition with translations is now available for the first time in individual volumes.

Table of contents

¿ 36. Ethics as a Task of the Doctrine of God / 1. The Command of God and the Ethical Problem / 2. The Way of Theological Ethics / ¿ 37. The Command as the Claim of God / 1. The Basis of the Divine Claim / 2. The Content of the Divine Claim / 3. The Form of the Divine Claim / ¿ 38. The Command as the Decision of God / 1. The Sovereignty of the Divine Decision / 2. The Definiteness of the Divine Decision / 3. The Goodness of the Divine Decision / ¿ 39. The Command as the Judgment of God / 1. The Presupposition of the Divine Judgment / 2. The Execution of the Divine Judgment / 3. The Purpose of the Divine Judgment

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