Civil Rights: New Labour, Freedom and the Human Rights Act, 1st edition

  • Helen Fenwick

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The book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate law students taking civil liberties courses, and also for students of other disciplines, such as politics and philosophy, who are studying civil liberties. The author provides an up-to-date analysis of the key issues, focusing on civil liberties and human rights that are directly affected by the powers of state agents, mainly the police and the security and intelligence services. In particular the focus is on recent and contemporary developments under the new Labour government, which amount to the most comprehensive state surveillance provisions ever introduced by a UK government.

Table of contents

Introduction. The Human Rights Act. Extending 'Emergency' Legislation. The New Rights of Public Protest. Criminal Procedure I: Police Discretion and Accountability. Criminal Procedure II: Aspects of Police Powers and Convention Rights. Criminal Procedure III: Police Interviews. Security and Intelligence Services. A New Framework for State Surveillance. Conclusions.

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Published by Pearson Canada (December 7th 2000) - Copyright © 2001