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Communicating in the Workplace, 1st edition

  • Thomas Cheesebro
  • Linda O'Connor
  • Francisco Rios

Published by Pearson (March 3rd 2009) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

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This one-of-a-kind oral communication book will help readers develop communication skills that will ensure job success. Each chapter includes real-life stories, appealing visuals, and examples that add meaning and increase comprehension. Skill-based assignments and online learning activities appear in both the text and on the book’s website. Its learn-by-doing approach helps readers understand the importance of communication skills, conflict resolution strategies and listening practices to their own career success.

Table of contents

Table of Contents


1.      Communication Concepts

2.      Perception

3.      Cultural Diversity

4.      Language

5.      Listening and Responding

6.      Interpersonal Relationship Skills

7.      Conflict Resolution

8.      Teamwork

9.      Preparing the Informative Presentation

10.  Organizing Informative Outlines

11.  Verbal & Visual Supports

12.  Gathering Information

13.  Delivering Presentations

14.  Persuasive Speaking

15.  Interviewing Skills

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