Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: A Topical Approach, 7th edition

  • Philip L. Reichel

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For courses in comparative criminal justice systems, comparative criminology, and comparative government.

Help readers gain a solid understanding of the diversity in legal systems around the world

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: A Topical Approach is designed to effectively explain the complexities of justice systems around the world. Using an accessible, easy-to-understand comparative approach, it helps students recognize the growing importance of an international perspective. Key concepts are organized in a sequence that many students will already find familiar, progressing from issues concerned with criminal law to examinations of police, courts, and corrections. Students gain a realistic understanding of the many ways policing, adjudication, and corrections systems can be organized and operated. Unlike most competitive books, it covers more than 30 countries, offering insights into such issues as Islamic legal tradition and  the Eastern Asia legal tradition. Learning Objectives utilize Bloom’s taxonomy phrasing to ensure clarity, usefulness, and accessibility, and visually appealing images further add to the book’s readability. The Seventh Edition updates statistics, changes in law, and modifications of procedures throughout; includes new and updated topic coverage; enhances and updates popular pedagogical features; and provides a number of important chapter modifications to ensure readers are getting the most useful information on this constantly growing field.

Table of contents

1. An International Perspective

2. Domestic, Transnational, and International Crime, and Justice 

3. An American Perspective on Criminal Law

4. Legal Traditions

5. Substantive Law and Procedural Law in the Four Legal Traditions 

6. An International Perspective on Policing 

7. An International Perspective on Courts 

8. An International Perspective on Corrections

9. An International Perspective on Juvenile Justice

10. Japan: Examples of Effectiveness and Borrowing

Appendix A: World Maps 

Appendix B: Helpful Web Sites 

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