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Comparative Politics Today: A World View, 12th edition

  • G Bingham Powell
  • Jr.
  • Russell J. Dalton
  • Kaare J. Strom
Revel for Comparative Politics Today: A World View -- Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9780134640525

  • Revel
  • Instant Access

12th edition

Published byPearson (October 11th 2017) - Copyright © 2018

Instant access
Instant access

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A thematic overview of comparative politics coupled with country studies that bring theory to life
Revel™ Comparative Politics Today: A World View combines a comprehensive thematic overview of the discipline with in-depth country studies written by expert scholars in their respective fields. Emphasizing the similarities as well as the differences among governments around the globe, authors G. Bingham Powell, Jr., Kaare W. Strøm, Melanie Manion, and Russell J. Dalton help students to sort through the world’s complexity and to recognize patterns that lead to genuine political insight. Focusing as in previous editions on the challenges of democratization and globalization, the 12th Edition presents significantly updated coverage in the 12 detailed country studies as well as contemporary data throughout.

Revel is Pearson’s newest way of delivering our respected content. Fully digital and highly engaging, Revel replaces the textbook and gives students everything they need for the course. Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, and learn, Revel is an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — for less than the cost of a traditional textbook.

NOTE: Revel is a fully digital delivery of Pearson content. This ISBN is for the standalone Revel access card. In addition to this access card, you will need a course invite link, provided by your instructor, to register for and use Revel.

Table of contents

1. Challenge and Change in Comparative Politics
2. Comparing Political Systems 

3. Political Culture and Political Socialization
4. Interest Representation, Interest Groups, and Political Parties
5. Government and Policymaking
6. Public Policy 

7. Politics in Britain by Richard Rose
8. Politics in France by Martin A. Schain
9. Politics in Germany by Russell J. Dalton and Robert J. Rohrschneider
10. Politics in Japan by Frances Rosenbluth and Michael F. Thies
11. Politics in Russia by Thomas F. Remington
12. Politics in China by Melanie Manion
13. Politics in Mexico by Wayne A. Cornelius and Jeffrey A. Weldon
14. Politics in Brazil by Frances Hagopian and Timothy J. Power
15. Politics in Iran by Arang Keshavarzian and H. E. Chehabi
16. Politics in India by Subrata K. Mitra
17. Politics in Nigeria by A. Carl LeVan and Yahaya Baba
18. Politics in the United States by Thad Kousser 

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