Complete MUMPS, The: An Introduction and Reference Manual for the MUMPS Programming Language, 1st edition

  • John Lewkowicz

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  • explores MUMPS's unique file structure -- in which data are stored on disk in the form of sparse hierarchical arrays.
  • shows how the arrays can be shared simultaneously by all applications in a multiuser MUMPS environment.
  • explains how MUMPS supports powerful string functions for manipulating text-oriented data and an extremely flexible input/output environment.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction to MUMPS.

 2. The MUMPS Environment.

 3. MUMPS Commands.

 4. Data Structures.

 5. Expressions.

 6. MUMPS Syntax.

 7. Indirection.

 8. Intrinsic Functions.

 9. Parameter Passing and Extrinsic Functions.

10. Advanced Global Techniques.

11. MUMPS Internals.

12. Device Input/Output.

13. Error Processing.

14. The Evolving Language.

Appendix A: ASCII Character Set.

Appendix B: Selected MUMPS References.

Appendix C: Summary of MUMPS Commands.

Appendix D: Summary of MUMPS Intrinsic Functions.

Appendix E: Summary of MUMPS Operators.

Appendix F: Summary of System Variables.

Appendix G: Documentation for Selected Subroutines.

Appendix H: RS-232 Devices.

Appendix I: Terminal Functions.


Published by Pearson (January 31st 1989) - Copyright © 1989