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Conceptual Models of Nursing will be particularly appealing to students, faculty, and nurse administrators who are interested in expanding their worldview about the current state of nursing theory from a global perspective.  

A global perspective of nursing theory helps nurses think conceptually and holistically
Designed to help readers understand the development and evaluation of the theoretical base for nursing practice research and education, Conceptual Models of Nursing familiarizes students with a broad range of nursing models and their roles in global nursing practice. With an emphasis on the application of nursing theories for the advanced practice student, strong attention is given to the relevance of nursing theory to nursing classification systems that are used in advanced practice.

In the Fifth Edition, nurse scholars from several countries provide a perspective of how nursing is conceptualized in other countries and give voice to a community of scholars that extends beyond the borders of the United States. Models presented in the text represent a movement to think about nursing conceptually, away from a narrow point of view to a holistic one.

Table of contents

Foreword–Mary Jane Smith
Part 1: Foundations for the Globalization of Nursing
1. Nursing Knowledge Development: Mandate for a Global Nursing Perspective–Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
2. Philosophical Foundations for Nursing Knowledge Development–Ann L. Whall
Part 2: Nursing Models from Other Countries
3. Australia: Conceptual Model Development through the Influence of the National Accreditation Process–Jill White
4. Canada: Strengths-Based Nursing, A Value Driven Approach to Practice–Laurie N. Gottlieb and Norma Ponzoni
5. Ireland: The Model of Personhood–Geraldine McCarthy and Margaret Landers
6. Italy: Nursing as a Stimulus of Health-Harmony–Renzo Zanotti
7. Japan: Physical Assessment as a Theoretical Background for a Layered Model of Nursing–Toyoaki Yamauchi
8. Spain: Barcelona’s Clinic Hospital Nursing Model–Adelaida Zabalegui, Roser Cadena, Emili Comas, Teresa Fuste, Pedro Sanz, and Montse Valverde
9. South Korea: Theory of Interpersonal Caring–Susie Kim, Haeok Lee, and Yunhee Kang
10. United Kingdom: The Person-Centered Nursing Model–Brendan McCormack and Tanya McCance
Part 3: Applications of United States Developed Nursing Models to Nursing in Other Countries
11. Egypt: Applications of Nursing Theory–Zeinab Ahmed Moukhtar Abdelsalam and Naglaa Mostafa
12. Applications of Transcultural Nursing Theory–Merav Ben Natan, Mally Ehrenfeld, and Michal Itzhaki
13. Jordan: Aspiration for a Culturally Sensitive Nursing Model–Muayyad M. Ahmad and Latefa A. Dardas
14. Mexico: Nursing Theory, Research, and Education–Esther C. Gallegos and Bertha Cecilia Salazar
15. Thailand: Nursing Theory and Theory-Based Education, Practice, and Research–Natawon Suwonnaroop, Wanpen Piyopasakul, and Rungnapa Panitrat
Part 4: Future Directions for Development of Nursing Theory, Research, and Professional Practice
16. Nursing Knowledge Development and Professional Nursing Practice–Margaret Glembocki
17. Nursing Conceptualizations from around the World: Implications for Development of Global Nursing Theory and Research–Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

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