Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues, 3rd edition

  • Bruce N. Waller

Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues

ISBN-13:  9780205017737

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Offering a balance of theory and applications and a mix of text and readings, Consider Ethics begins with chapters covering ethical theory, each of which is followed by related, classical readings. The book concludes with an examination of six contemporary ethical issues presented in a pro/con format with introductory material that places each issue in context.


Featuring selections from the world’s most influential philosophers, this combination of primary texts and explanatory pedagogy presents the material in a clear, accessible way that does not sacrifice rigor. Making connections among different ethical theories throughout, the text helps students to engage the subject matter and apply theories to important contemporary ethical issues.

Table of contents

  • 1. Thinking About Ethics
  • 2. Ethics and Reason
  • 3. Ethics and Emotions
  • 4. Utilitarian Ethics
  • 5. Social Contract Ethics.
  • 6. Egoism, Relativism, and Pragmatism
  • 7. Virtue Ethics
  • 8. Care Ethics
  • 9. The Scope of Morality
  • 10. Ethical NonObjectivism
  • 11. Moral Realism
  • 12. How Hard is Ethics?
  • 13. Free Will
  • 14. Freedom, Moral Responsibility, and Ethics
  • 15.  The Death Penalty
  • 16.  Abortion
  • 17:  Animal Rights
  • 18:  Homosexual Sex    
  • 19:  What Are Our Global Obligations to the Impoverished?
  • 20:  Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified? 
  • Glossary   
  • Index

Published by Pearson (November 24th 2010) - Copyright © 2011