Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues, 4th edition

  • Bruce N. Waller


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For courses in ethics and ethical theory.

Balancing theory and application

Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues covers major ethical theories by tying them to aspects of our day-to-day lives, bringing them to life. Ethics play a part in personal relationships, business, cultural conflicts, and more. By relating ethical theories to issues that arise naturally in modern life, Consider Ethics engages students and pushes them to draw their own conclusions. The 4th Edition has been updated extensively, including a new chapter on reflective equilibrium as a method of ethical inquiry, expansion of the critical thinking study to facilitate discussion of controversial topics, new chapter exercises, and much more.

Table of contents

1. Thinking About Ethics
2. Thinking Critically About Ethics
3. Egoism and Relativism
4. Ethics and Emotions
5. Ethics and Reason
6. Intuitionism
7. Reflective Equilibrium
8. Utilitarian Ethics
9. Social Contract Ethics
10. Care Ethics
11. Virtue Ethics
12. Pluralism and Pragmatism
13. Moral Realism Versus Moral Anti-Realism
14. The Scope of Morality
15. Free Will and Moral Responsibility
16.  The Death Penalty
17.  Should the Police Use Deceit in Investigations?
18.  The Ethics of Immigration
19. The Ethics of Moral Enhancement

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