Core Ready Lesson Sets for Grades K-2: A Staircase to Standards Success for English Language Arts, The Shape of Story: Yesterday and Today, 1st edition

  • Pam Allyn


This book is part of Pam Allyn’s highly popular Core Ready series, a dynamic series of books that gives educators critical tools for navigating the Common Core Standards effectively, fluidly, and successfully. Using the information presented in the series, educators see how to take complex concepts related to the standards and turn them into practical, specific, everyday lessons. The books address the needs of all learners, including ELL and special needs diverse learners, and cover the uses of technology and new media.


The Shape of Story: Yesterday and Today helps develop students who approach reading with the experience that allows them to know what to expect in a variety of genres and apply appropriate strategies to each with purpose and flexibility.


With this book as a guide students:

  • Read closely to explore the elements of various types of contemporary and classical stories;
  • Discover new details about characters and settings.
  • Follow how plots develop and consider how it all comes together to suggest a theme or message.
  • Have opportunities to read closely, retell, draw, and dramatize stories.
  • Use literature from a variety of genres as models for their own writing.
  • Compose original stories through drawing and writing incorporating story elements and techniques of strong writers
  • Learn what it means to revise and edit and make critical choices about how to publish their work for others
  • Share their writing and thinking with others orally and in writing.

Visit to purchase access to the PDToolkit for Pam Allyn's Core Ready Series. The PDToolkit access does not come with the print book.


PDToolkit for Pam Allyn's Core Ready Series is a supplemental online subscription-based resource that provides the tools that educators need to implement the Common Core Standards effectively, fluidly, and successfully. The PDToolkit, together with the texts, provides the tools you need to ensure a standards-aligned year of joyful, effective, research-based literacy curriculum.

Table of contents

Grade K—Tell Me a Story: Elements of Fiction

Grade 1—Could It Really Happen?: An Introduction to Fantasy

Grade 2—Once Upon a Time: A New Look at Fairy Tales

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