Counseling: Theory and Process, 5th edition

  • James C. Hansen
  • Robert H. Rossberg
  • Stanley H. Cramer

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Major theories of counseling are presented in historical context reflecting the developments in psychodynamic theory, existential and humanist ideas and the evolution of cognitive/behavioral ideas. KEY TOPICS: Following the coverage of theory, the authors apply the theories to practice, providing an integrated examination of the process. MARKET: Any course focusing on theory and/or the process and procedures of counseling.

Table of contents


1. Toward a Personal Theory of Counseling.

2. Classical Psychoanalytic Theory.

3. Deviates of Psychoanalytic Thought.

4. Ego Counseling: A Psychodynamic Approach.

5. Self-Theory.

6. Existential Approaches to Counseling.

7. Gestalt Counseling.

8. Behavioral Approaches to Counseling.

9. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Counseling.

10. Rational-Emotive Therapy.

11. Toward a Theory of Counseling: Where Are We Now?


12. Counseling as a Relationship.

13. Stages in the Counseling Process.

14. Social Factors in the Relationship.

15. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.

16. Counseling for Decision-Making/Problem Solving.

17. Testing and Counseling.

18. Career Counseling.

19. Ethics, Legalities, and Values in Counseling

Published by Pearson (August 9th 1993) - Copyright © 1994