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Counseling Today: Foundations of Professional Identity, 1st edition

  • Darcy H Granello
  • Mark E. Young

Published by Pearson (February 28th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

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Counseling Today: Foundations of Professional Identity (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780133000368

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 Who Are Counselors?

Chapter 2 What Do Counselors Do?

Chapter 3 How Are Counselors Trained and Regulated?

Chapter 4 How Do Counseling Students Get the Most from Their Graduate Programs?

Chapter 6 How Do Counselors Use Theories?

Chapter 7 How Do Counselors Use Research?

Chapter 8 What Happens in a Counseling Session?

Chapter 9 Where Does Counseling Take Place?

Chapter 10 How Do Counselors Work in a Diverse Society?

Chapter 11 How Do Counselors Collect and Use Assessment Information?

Chapter 12 How Do Counselors Make Legal and Ethical Decisions?

Chapter 13 How Do Counselors Maintain Their Personal Wellness?

Chapter 14 Counseling Tomorrow


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