Design and Development of Expert Systems and Neural Networks, 1st edition

  • Larry Medsker
  • Jay Liebowitz

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This book gives readers and practitioners the tools they need to develop appropriate applications and systems. It also explores managing and institutionalizing expert system development and usage.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

 2. Introduction to Expert Systems.

 3. The Expert Systems Development Life Cycle: The Knowledge Engineering Process.

 4. Problem Selection for Expert System Development.

 5. Knowledge Acquisition.

 6. Knowledge Representation and Inferencing.

 7. Knowledge Encoding.

 8. Issues and Methods In Verification and Validation of Expert Systems.

 9. Strategies for Successful Expert Systems Inception, Management, and Institutionalization.

10. Summary and Analysis of Expert System Technology.

11. Introduction to Neural Networks.

12. Applications of Neural Networks.

13. Building a Neural Network Application.

14. Developing Methods and Systems.

15. Integration of Expert Systems and Neural Networks: Synergy and Applications.

16. The Future: Integrated Intelligent Systems.



A. Expert Choice.


C. Level5 Object.

D. NeuroShell.

E. NeuX.

F. VP-Expert.

G. Hybrid System Example: Job Skills Analyzer.

Published by Pearson (September 24th 1993) - Copyright © 1994