Design for New Media: Interaction design for multimedia and the web, 1st edition

  • Lon Barfield

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New media is like a giant jigsaw puzzle; a combination of different skills and media.  We know all about the pieces, but the biggest problem is putting them all together to get the Ѣig pictureҠof new media design.  Design for New Media gives a unified approach to looking at the area, covering both the separate elements, and putting them in the context of new media design as a whole. The book is divided into four sections;  The first section considers some of the issues that arise from designing with new and developing technology.  The author then moves on to look at the Ѣuilding blocksҠof new media (sound, colour and animation), and their role in the design of a new media product is explained.  The third section covers interaction design and   those elements of new media that are connected with the use and understanding of the product.  Finally, the process of design itself is considered in a practical way;  how do you take that first step in designing a new media product?

Table of contents


Part 1 Setting the Scene

  1. New Media and Interaction Design
  2. Design and Technology

    Part 2 The Elements

  3. Text
  4. Layout
  5. Icons
  6. Sound
  7. Color
  8. Video and Animation

    Part 3 Interaction

  9. Goals, Audience and Scope (GAS)
  10. Contexts
  11. User Models
  12. Feedback
  13. Structure
  14. Navigation
  15. Narrative

    Part 4 Designing It

  16. Generating Ideas
  17. Top-down Design
  18. The Underlying System Model
  19. Metaphors
  20. Interaction Specifications
  21. Prototypes and Demos

Published by Pearson (October 16th 2003) - Copyright © 2004