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Deviant Behavior, 11th edition

  • Alex Thio
  • Jim D. Taylor
  • Martin D. Schwartz

Published by Pearson (November 12th 2019) - Copyright © 2013

11th edition

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Deviant Behavior

ISBN-13: 9780205205165

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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Key Benefit:  Deviant Behavior challenges students’ own biases and preconceptions - This best-selling text offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of deviance and is noted for its blend of style and substance. 


Key Topics:  Analyze numerous types of deviant behavior. Make connections between behavioral theories and concrete deviances.


Market:  For those interested in social deviance.

Table of contents

In this Section:
1. Brief Table of Contents

2. Full Table of Contents


1. Brief Table of Contents

Part 1:  Perspectives and Theories

Chapter 1:     What Is Deviant Behavior?  

Chapter 2:    Positivist Theories    

Chapter 3:     Constructionist Theories      


Part 2:  Interpersonal Violence

Chapter 4:    Physical Violence      

Chapter 5:    Rape and Child Molestation  

Chapter 6:    Family Violence       


Part 3:  Self-Destructive Deviance

Chapter 7:    Suicide

Chapter 8:    Mental Disorder       


Part 4:  Diverse Lifestyles

Chapter 9:    Heterosexual Deviance       

Chapter 10:  Gays and Other Victims of Stigma  


Part 5:  Cyberspace: Wild Frontier

Chapter 11:  Internet Deviance


Part 6:  Substance Use and Abuse          

Chapter 12:  Drug Use      

Chapter 13:  Drinking and Alcoholism      


Part 7:  Inequality in Deviance

Chapter 14:  Privileged Deviance  

Chapter 15:  Underprivileged Deviance    


2. Full Table of Contents


Part 1:  Perspectives and Theories


Chapter 1:     What Is Deviant Behavior?          

Conflicting Definitions

The Positivist Perspective     

The Constructionist Perspective      

An Integrated View  

A Word about Deviance and Crime 


Further Reading       

Critical Thinking Questions   

Internet Resources

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