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Diagnostic Teaching of Reading: Techniques for Instruction and Assessment, 7th edition

  • Barbara J. Walker

Published by Pearson (May 5th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

7th edition

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Diagnostic Teaching of Reading: Techniques for Instruction and Assessment (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132998963

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Table of contents


PART ONE The Process of Diagnostic Teaching of Reading    1

Ways to Use These Chapters  3

1          What Is Diagnostic Teaching?  5

Active Reading and Writing  7

Differences in Learning 11

Struggling and Writers Readers 11

English Language Learners 13

Culturally Diverse Learners 14

Instructional Process  15

            Text-based View

            Reader-based View

            Interactive constructivist View

            Sociocultural View

            Balanced Instruction

Assessment Process  20

Diagnostic Teaching Process 

            Diagnostic Teaching Lesson 23

Summary  14

2          Literacy Development   34

Emergent Literacy Stage  36

Early Developing Literacy Stage 38

Developing Stage  40

Strategic Literacy Stage 43

Complex Literacy Stage 46


3          Effective Teachers  48

Engage All Learner 48

Foster meaningful interpretations and thoughtful understanding 50

Cultivate Vibrant Discussions 51

Access To High Quantity And High Quality Of Reading Material 53

Make use of Scaffolding  54

Nuture Motivation  58 

Promote Self regulated Learning 60

Create a Responsive Environment 61

Assess while Teaching  62

Integrate and Balance Instruction 65


4          The Diagnostic Teaching Session: An Overview  68

Familiar Text Time  69

Supported Reading and Writing  70

Continuous Assessment  74

Strategy and Skill Instruction  78

Analysis of Patterns of Reading Development  78

Instruction in Strategies and Skills  79

Strategy Conversations and Self-Assessment  80

Process Writing Time  82

Personalized Reading and Writing  83



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