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Discovering the Humanities, 4th edition

  • Henry M. Sayre
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For courses in Introduction to the Humanities

See context and make connections across the humanities
Discovering the Humanities leads students on a journey through countless “ah-ha” moments as they piece together the cultural history of the world. Believing that students learn best by remembering stories rather than memorizing facts, author Henry Sayre deftly conveys multifaceted cultural experiences via a storytelling approach that students will remember — during the course and beyond. Revised to better tell the story of the humanities as a global discipline, the 4th Edition includes new scholarship and images, and offers an updated survey of contemporary art.

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Table of contents

1. The Prehistoric Past and the Earliest Civilizations: The River Cultures of the Ancient World
2. The Greek World: The Classical Tradition
3. Empire: Urban Life and Imperial Majesty in Rome, China, And India
4. The Flowering of Religion: Faith and the Power of Belief in the Early First Millennium
5. Parallel Cultures: Early Medieval Europe and the Larger World
6. The Gothic and the Rebirth of Naturalism: Civic and Religious Life in an Age of Inquiry
7. The Renaissance: Florence, Rome, and Venice
8. Renaissance and Reformation in the North: Between Wealth and Want
9. Encounter and Confrontation: The Impact of Increasing Global Interaction
10. The Counter-Reformation and the Baroque: Emotion, Inquiry, and Absolute Power
11. Enlightenment and Rococo: The Claims of Reason
12. The Age of Revolution: From Neoclassicism to Romanticism
13. The Working Class and the Bourgeoisie: The Conditions of Modern Life
14. The Modernist World: The Arts in an Age of Global Confrontation
15. Decades of Change: The Plural Self in a Global Culture

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Published by Pearson (April 3rd 2019) - Copyright © 2020