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Discovering the Humanities, 4th edition

  • Henry M. Sayre

Published by Pearson (April 3rd 2019) - Copyright © 2020

4th edition

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Discovering the Humanities (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780135198353

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For courses in Introduction to the Humanities

See context and make connections across the humanities
Discovering the Humanities leads students on a journey through countless “ah-ha” moments as they piece together the cultural history of the world. Believing that students learn best by remembering stories rather than memorizing facts, author Henry Sayre deftly conveys multifaceted cultural experiences via a storytelling approach that students will remember — during the course and beyond. Revised to better tell the story of the humanities as a global discipline, the 4th Edition includes new scholarship and images, and offers an updated survey of contemporary art.

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