Dracula, A Longman Cutural Edition, 1st edition

  • Bram Stoker
  • Andrew Elfenbein

Dracula, A Longman Cutural Edition

ISBN-13:  9780205632633

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From Longman's Cultural Edition series, this new edition of Dracula, edited by Andrew Elfenbein, recovers the cultural complexity of Bram Stoker's novel and offers a wide array of contextualizing documents, including contemporary reviews and articles about Eastern Europe, science, gender, and media. Rather than tracing Dracula through all his later incarnations, this edition offers ways to understand the late Victorian origins of Bram Stoker’s remarkable book.  While Dracula never simply reflects contemporary trends, reading it with knowledge of contemporary events and debates can clarify what may otherwise seem puzzling. Throughout, Stoker emphasizes that his vampire story takes place not in a hazy, fictional past, but in a sharply realized England of the 1890s. The materials in the sections of Cultural Contexts illuminate the references to Victorian culture in Stoker’s version of this seemingly timeless story.  

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Table of Dates


Dracula (1897)

Appendix:  “Dracula’s Guest”



Victorian Reviews of Dracula

            The Athenaeum

            Belfast News-Letter

            The Bookman

            Daily News

            The Era

            Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser

            Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle

            Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper

            National Magazine

            New York Tribune

            Pall Mall Gazette

            The Spectator

            Times (London)

            Times (Washington) 


Eastern Europe

Charles Boner, from Transylvania:  Its Products and its People

Edmund Cecil Johnson, from On the Track of the Crescent:  Erratic Notes from Piraeus to Pesth

Emily Gerard, from “Transylvanian Superstitions”



[Anon.], from “The Age of Woman” 

Sarah Grand.  From “The Modern Girl” 



Max Nordau, from Degeneration. 

Havelock Ellis, from The Criminal

Daniel Hack Tuke, from Sleep-Walking and Hypnotism

William Aitken, from The Science and Practice of Medicine



James L. Andem, from A Practical Guide to the Use of the Edison Phonograph

C. L. McCluer Stevens, from “The Evolution of the Typewriter” 

Thomas Allen Reed, from A Biography of Isaac Pitman (Inventor of Phonography) 


Works Cited in the Notes

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