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Electromagnetic Waves, 1st edition

  • David H. Staelin
  • Ann Morgenthaler
  • Jin Au Kong
Electromagnetic Waves

ISBN-13: 9780132258715

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (August 25th 1993) - Copyright © 1994

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  • Paperback

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This introduction to electromagnetic waves emphasizes concepts, examples, and problem-solving techniques having wide applicability, and relies only on basic physics and mathematics — rather than electrostatics, magnetostatics, and quasitatics. The focus is on generic problem-solving techniques — both mathematical and physically-intuitive, and the presentation of basic electromagnetic theorems — Poynting, energy, uniqueness, and reciprocity — explained from a physical perspective. KEY TOPICS: Progresses from simple wave propagation in unbounded free space to antenna and resonator design. Presents the fundamental concepts of plane waves, phasors, polarization, energy, power, and force early — and repeatedly applies them throughout the text to problems with progressively more complex boundary conditions. MARKET: For students and practicing engineers interested in electromagnetic wave phenomena.

Table of contents


 1. Introduction to Maxwell's Equations and Waves.

 2. Radiation by Currents and Charges in Free Space.

 3. Waves in Media.

 4. Waves at Planar Boundaries.

 5. Transmission Lines.

 6. Transmission Line Systems.

 7. Waveguides.

 8. Resonators.

 9. Antennas.

10. Acoustics.


A Review of Complex Numbers.

Vector Identities and Theorems.

List of Symbols.

Rationalized mks Units.

Numerical Constants.


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