Electronic Systems and Techniques, 2nd edition

  • K F Ibrahim
  • K F Ibrahim

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The second edition of Electronic Systems and Techniques provides a concise and comprehensive understanding of electronics, from first principles to modern computer systems. The expanded text clearly explains the fundamentals of electronic systems and circuits in depth, including radio and television reception, digital and microprocessor systems, amplifiers, oscillators, digital gates and counters.

It is a core text for the City and Guilds electronic servicing Course (2240) Parts 1 & 2, and is also suitable for BTEC First Certificate/Diploma and National Certificate/Diploma in electronic engineering, as well as A level and GCSE electronics.

Table of contents

1. Direct current.
2. Alternating current.
3. Waveforms.
4. Capacitive and inductive networks.
5. Amplifiers and oscillators.
6. Resonance.
7. Transformers.
8. Matching.
9. Wave shaping.
10. Power supplies I.
11. Digital gates and systems.
12. Microcomputers and other systems.
13. Communications.
14. Amplitude modulation.
15. Frequency modulation.
16. Pulse modulation.
17. Cathode ray oscilloscope.
18. Television.
19. Useful exercise I.
20. The semiconductor diode.
21. Transistors.
22. The common emitter amplifier.
23. The common emitter amplifier - a.c. operation.
24. The common base and common collector amplifier.
25. Photoelectric devices.
26. Field effect transistors.
27. More solid state devices.
28. R-C filters, clippers and clampers.
29. Power supplies II.
30. Amplifiers I.
31. Amplifiers II.
32. Multivibrators.
33. Oscillators.
34. Logic circuits.
35. Digital display.
36. Microprocessor applications.
37. Measuring instruments.
38. Logical fault finding.
39. Useful excercises II.
A1. Resistor.
A2. Capacitor.
A3. List of SI units.
A4. Coomponents and symbols.
Appendix I. Notes on calculations.
Appendix II. The decibel.
Appendix III.
Answers to useful exercises.

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