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Electronics Lab Manual, 1st edition

  • Martin Feldman
Electronics Lab Manual

ISBN-13: 9780130931337

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (November 28th 2001) - Copyright © 2002

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The emphasis is first on understanding the characteristics of basic circuits including resistors, capacitors, diodes, and bipolar and field effect transistors. The readers then use this understanding to construct more complex circuits such as power supplies, differential amplifiers, tuned circuit amplifiers, a transistor curve tracer, and a digital voltmeter. In addition, readers are exposed to special topics of current interest, such as the propagation and detection of signals through fiber optics, the use of Van der Pauw patterns for precise linewidth measurements, and high gain amplifiers based on active loads. KEY TOPICS: Chapter topics include Thevenin's Theorem; Resistive Voltage Division; Silicon Diodes; Resistor Capacitor Circuits; Half Wave Rectifiers; DC Power Supplies; Diode Applications; Bipolar Transistors; Field Effect Transistors; Characterization of Op-Amp Circuits; Transistor Curve Tracer; Introduction to PSPICE and AC Voltage Dividers; Characterization and Design of Emitter and Source Followers; Characterization and Design of an AC Variable Gain Amplifier; Design of Test Circuits for BJT's and FET's and Design of FET Ring Oscillators; Design and Characterization of Emitter Coupled Transistor Pairs; Tuned Amplifier and Oscillator; Design of Am Radio Frequency Transmitter and Receiver; Design of Oscillators Using Op-Amps; Current Mirrors and Active Loads; Sheet Resistance; Design of Analog Fiber Optic Transmission System; Digital Voltmeter.

Table of contents


 1. Thevenin's Theorem.

 2. Resistive Voltage Division.

 3. Silicon Diodes.

 4. Resistor Capacitor Circuits.

 5. Half-Wave Rectifiers.

 6. DC Power Supplies.

 7. Diode Applications.

 8. Bipolar Transistors.

 9. Field Effect Transistors.

10. Characterization of Op-Amp Circuits.

11. Transistor Curve Tracer.

12. Introduction to PSpice and AC Voltage Dividers.

13. Characterization and Design of Emitter and Source Followers.

14. Characterization and Design of an AC Variable-Gain Amplifier.

15. Design of Test Circuits for BJT's and FET's and Design of FET Ring Oscillators.

16. Design and Characterization of Emitter-Coupled Transistor Pairs.

17. Tuned Amplifier and Oscillator.

18. Design of AM Radio-Frequency Transmitter and Receiver.

19. Design of Oscillators Using Op-Amps.

20. Current Mirrors and Active Loads.

21. Sheet Resistance.

22. Design of Analog Fiber Optic Transmission System.

23. Digital Voltmeter.

Appendix I. Measurements with the Digital Multimeter and the Oscilloscope.

Appendix II. Pin Connections.

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