Embedded C, 1st edition

  • Michael J Pont

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For people who are about to write their first embedded program - or have been struggling to learn about this important area - this book will save weeks of effort.

Table of contents

  1. Programming Embedded Systems in C
  2. Introducing the 8051 Microcontroller
  3. Hello, Embedded World
  4. Reading Port Pins and Mechanical Switches
  5. Adding Structure to Your Code
  6. Meeting Real-Time Constraints
  7. Creating an Embedded Operating System
  8. Using the Serial Interface
  9. Case study: Milk Pasteurization
  10. Case study: Washing Machine
  11. Case study: Remotely-Controlled Robot
  12. Case study: Intruder Alarm System
  13. Where Do We Go From Here? 

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Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (March 15th 2002) - Copyright © 2002