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EMS Quality Management and Research, 1st edition

  • Jeffrey T. Lindsey
  • Bruce E. Evans
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EMS Quality Management and Research is designed to be used as a starter manual for EMS managers seeking to build comprehensive knowledge of quality improvement (QI).


Teaching and Learning Experience

  • Best practices and organizational stories throughout each chapter take learning far beyond theory and review of journal articles.
  • Offers EMS managers a solid foundation of understanding of each of the topic areas.
This title is also available as part of our Digital Library EMS Management Series, please visit to learn more.

Table of contents

1.      Why Quality?

2.      History of Quality in EMS

3.      Domains of a QI System

4.      Defining Quality

5.      Measuring Quality

6.      Databases and Data Collection

7.      Data and Quality Analysis

8.      Quality Improvement Program and Project Management

9.      Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Quality

10.  Legal Considerations and Corrective Action

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Published by Pearson (July 30th 2014) - Copyright © 2015