Enlarged European Union, The, 2nd edition

  • Ian Barnes
  • Pamela Barnes

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'A first class book which should become the starting point for any student wanting to produce a deep and detailed analysis of any area of a subject which is often dealt with in a much less straightforward and accessible manner.'

Now completely rewritten and substantially expanded, this new edition provides an expert and up-to-date analysis of the current policies of the European Union.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: towards the Europe?
  2. Making the European Union work?
  3. What has the Single Market achieved?
  4. A common and integrated Transport Policy.
  5. Free movement of the people?
  6. Monetary integration in the European Union.
  7. Paying for integration.
  8. The reformed Common Agricultural Policy.
  9. The Common Fisheries Policy.
  10. Competition Policy in the EU. Industrial Policy in the EU.
  11. Promoting new technology in the EU.
  12. European Union Regional Policy.
  13. European Union policy on the Environment.
  14. Social Policy.
  15. The EU and the world trading system.
  16. Trade and development.
  17. Expanding the EU eastwards.

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Published by Pearson (August 22nd 1995) - Copyright © 1995