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Enterprise Class Mobile Application Development: A Complete Lifecycle Approach for Producing Mobile Apps, 1st edition

  • Leigh Williamson
  • Roland Barcia
  • Omkar Chandgadkar
  • Ashish Mathur
  • Soma Ray
  • Darrell Schrag
  • Roger Snook
  • Jianjun Zhang

Published by IBM Press (November 22nd 2015) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

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Enterprise Class Mobile Application Development: A Complete Lifecycle Approach for Producing Mobile Apps

ISBN-13: 9780133478631

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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  • A complete, proven approach to building, integrating, and deploying enterprise-class mobile business apps
  • Written by seasoned professionals who help produce IBM Mobile Enterprise product offerings
  • Covers all mobile app development and delivery activities, from project inception through final app testing and production deployment
  • Includes best practices for cost-effective mobile application implementation
  • Offers expert recommendations for leveraging agile development techniques in mobile projects

Table of contents

Preface      xvii
Acknowledgments      xxi
About the Author      xxiii
Chapter 1: Mobile: The New Generation of Information Technology      1

Why Businesses Are Adopting Mobile Applications      1
Driving Business Process Innovation      1
A Formula for Designing Engaging Systems      2
Unique Challenges for Development of Engaging Applications      4
Form Factors and User Input Technology      4
Usability and User Interaction Design      4
Choice of Implementation Technology      5
Mobile Application Build and Delivery      6
Testing      7
Enterprise Mobile Development      7
Summary      8
Chapter 2: Mobile Development Lifecycle Overview      9
Introduction      9
DevOps and Enterprise Mobile Development Lifecycle Overview      11
A DevOps Approach Is Core to Delivering Client Value      11
One Essential View of DevOps: The Mobile Developer Perspective      12
Sprint 1: “Hello World”--Initial Operating Capability and Prototype      13
Design--The Big Picture      14
Integrate: Enterprise Services and Data      17
Test: Manual Testing Is Better than No Testing      18
Test: Simulate/Preview      18
Sprint 2: “Hello DevOps!”--Improve Developer Productivity      19
Develop: Productivity with Wizards and Mobile Platform Portability      19
Instrument: Quality Assurance and Testing “In the Wild”      19
Test: Code-Centric and Unit Testing      20
Deploy: Automate Your Deployment Pipeline      21
Sprint 3: “Software Delivery Is a Team Sport!”      23
Develop: Agile Planning      23
Develop: Work Items (Defects, Enhancement Requests)      23
Develop: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Imperatives      24
Test: Improving Manual, Automating User Interface Tests, and Test Data Management      26
Sprint 4: “Ruggedized for the AppStore”      27
Test: “FURPS” and Virtualization      27
Scan and Certify      28
Obtain Insight: Application Quality Feedback and Analytics      28
Sprint 5: “Optimizing Enterprise DevOps”      29
Integrate: Enterprise Developer Integration      29
Instrument and Obtain Insight: Customer Experience (CX) and Campaign Management      31
Obtain (AppStore) Insight: Mobile Quality Assurance      32
Manage: Application Versions, Updates, and More!      33
Summary      35
Chapter 3: Design Quality Is Crucial, Make the Investment Up-Front      37
Overview      37
Why Is Design Important?      37
Scope of Design in Mobile App Development      37
Design Research      38
Information Architecture      38

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