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Enthusiastic Employee, The: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want, 2nd edition

  • David Sirota
  • Douglas A. Klein

Published by Pearson FT Press (July 30th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

2nd edition

Enthusiastic Employee, The: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want

ISBN-13: 9780134057590

Includes: Paperback
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“This second, updated edition of The Enthusiastic Employee takes the art and science of enterprise management to the next stage. I recommend it enthusiastically to all business leaders seeking to build the morale, loyalty, and performance of employees at all levels.”

–Richard Parsons, former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner


“All CEOs should consider the common sense, data-driven, time-tested suggestions contained in The Enthusiastic Employee. This is a book for any industry and applies to all generations of employees. The authors’ emphasis on an open and collaborative culture that focuses on customer needs is spot on and their data and case studies of the business impact of that culture cannot be ignored. If you want one comprehensive book this year on leading and managing people, this should be your choice.”

–Steve Bennett, President and CEO–Symantec


“Stop demotivating your employees! How true. The Enthusiastic Employee shows precisely how to do that through policies that unleash, rather than dampen, employee motivation and enthusiasm. Based on their extensive research, the authors offer clear insights into what makes people tick and how those insights can be put into practice. This book is a must read for all HR and line leaders unhappy with mediocre–or even “pretty good”–performance.”

–Victoria Berger-Gross, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources–Tiffany & Co.


“David Sirota was in many ways one of the best advisers I ever had. He was made wise in management by years of listening to (and learning from) workers. There are lots of books of business advice; I recommend this one, and its author and able new co-author, Douglas Klein.”

–Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO–The Washington Post Co.


“I would strongly recommend this book to any senior Human Resources leader or line executive interested in effective approaches to the management of people. David and Doug have woven a compelling storyline, backed by voluminous research evidence, that is easy to understand and absolutely impossible to ignore. They demolish various myths about people at work and replace fads with evidence-based recommendations. This is a must read for any leader seeking to bring their organization to peak performance.”

–Sherry A. Whiteley, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer–Intuit


Enthusiastic employees outperform. They step up. They rally each other in tough times. They do the “impossible.”


These days, you need enthusiastic employees more than ever. You work hard to hire them. This book shows how to keep them as enthusiastic as they were when they came on board.


Based on research with 8.6 million employees in 412 companies, The Enthusiastic Employee is relentlessly evidence-driven. Extensively updated for the Great Recession, the so-called Millennial generation, and the newest research about workforce diversity, its findings will surprise (maybe even shock) you.


David Sirota and Douglas A. Klein show why the dollars-and-cents business case for greater employee satisfaction has grown even stronger in recent years. They pre

Table of contents

Acknowledgments    xi

About the Authors    xiii

About the Second Edition    xv

Our New Website    xx

Introduction    1

Asking the Questions    4

Asking the Right Questions    4

Questions Result in Data    6

After the Honeymoon    11

A Quick Look at “Old-Fashioned” Theories    12

Solid Theory, Research, and Management Practice to Which We Are in Debt    15

How This Book Is Organized    15

Part I  Worker Motivation, Morale, and Performance    17

Chapter 1  What Workers Want—The Big Picture    19

Blame It on the Young    20

The Lordstown Strike and Job Enrichment “Solution”    22

The Generation Gap Mythology Re-Emerges    24

Myths About the Work Itself    29

The Sirota Three-Factor Theory    32

The Specific Evidence for the Three-Factor Theory    45

How the Three Factors Work in Combination    52

Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences    55

Individual Differences    62

Chapter 2  Employee Enthusiasm and Business Success    67

Making the Connection    67

Telling Us in Their Own Words    69

A Few Leading Organizations    74

“Enthusiasm” Versus “Engagement”    79

Enthusiasm and Performance: The Research Evidence    81

Building the People Performance Model    86

Part II  Enthusiastic Workforces, Motivated by Fair Treatment    93

Chapter 3  Job Security    95

Specific Job Security Policies and Practices    107

Chapter 4  Compensation    117

Money as Seen by Workers    117

Money as Seen by Employers    118

Levels of Pay    122

Paying for Performance    133

Recommendations    143

A Note on Merit Pay for Teachers    157

Chapter 5  The Impact of the Great Recession: Flight to Preservation    161

The Survey Results    165

The Role of Management    176

Chapter 6  Respect    181

The Heart of Respect    184

Humiliating Treatment    186

Indifferent Treatment    188

The Specifics of Respe

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