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Environmental Issues: An Introduction to Sustainability, 3rd edition

  • Robert L. McConnell
  • Daniel C. Abel

Published by Pearson (April 3rd 2007) - Copyright © 2008

3rd edition

Environmental Issues: An Introduction to Sustainability

ISBN-13: 9780131566507

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This book combines simple math, the metric system, and critical thinking to gain insight into relevant local, regional, and global environmental issues, with a focus on sustainability. The presentation of real-world issues and examples fosters the development of the math and analytical skills necessary to truly think critically and to understand these complex issues.  KEY TOPICS: A seven-part organization examines basic concepts and tools, as well as topical, relevant, and timely issues related to principles of sustainability, population and migration, climate change, energy, consumption and the quality of life, threats to ecosystems, and sustainability and the individual. MARKET: For individuals interested in environmental studies and science, and in the relationship of math and science to the environment.


Table of contents


Basic Concepts and Tools.

Part One: Principles of Sustainability.

Part Two: Population and Migration.

1. Global Population Growth: Is it Sustainable?

2. Carrying Capacity and Ecological Footprint.

3. Coastal Population Growth: Bangladesh.

4. The Impact of Migration.

Part Three: Climate Change.

5. Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change.

6. The Challenges of Climate Change.

Part Four: Energy.

7. Oil and Natural Gas.

8. Coal.

9. Bringing the World to The U.S. Standard of Living.

10. Sustainable Energy.

Part Five: Consumption and the Quality of Life.

11. Global Water Supplies: Are they Sustainable?

12. Motor Vehicles and the Environment.

13. Motor Vehicles and the Environment: Global Trends.

14. Whacker Madness? The Proliferation of Turfgrass.

15. The Impact of Interjurisdictional Waste Disposal: Truckin’ Trash.

16. Mining: Is It Sustainable?

17. Environmental Health: POPs.

Part Six:  hreats to Ecosystems.

18. Global Grain Production: Can We Beef It Up?

19. Soils and Sustainable Societies.

20. The State of Global Forests.

21. Restoring Estuaries: Chesapeake Bay.

22. Illegal Immigration.

23. Catch of the Day: The State of Global Fisheries.

Part Seven: Sustainability and the Individual.

24. Sustainable Communities: Sprawl vs. Smart Growth.

25. Sustainable Coastal Development.

26. Sustainable Buildings and Housing.

27. The Three R’s: Reduction, Recycling, Reuse.

28. A Sustainable Diet.

29. The Sustainable Campus.

30. Restoration Ecology.


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