Essence International Business, 1st edition

  • Jim Taggart
  • Mike Mcdermott

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A broad but economical coverage of all the key aspects of international business strategy, including reviews of the latest contributions to this field. Buzz-words and jargon are demystified within this book in order that the reader can quickly get to the heart of the matter. Examples form UK/Europe/USA/Asia will improve the reader's understanding of corporate decisions in an international context.

Table of contents

1. The growth of international business
2. The multinational corporation
3. The environment of international business
4. International business strategy
5. International marketing strategy
6. International technology strategy
7. International financial strategy
8. International operations strategy
9. International personnel strategy
10. International organization and control strategy
11. International subsidiary strategy
12. International acquisitions: strategy and management
13. International business in the future

Published by Pearson (April 1st 1993) - Copyright © 1993