Essentials of Paramedic Care - Volume II, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Robert S. Porter
  • Richard A. Cherry
  • Dwayne E. Clayden

Essentials of Paramedic Care - Volume II, Canadian Edition

ISBN-13:  9780131203068

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Canadian, comprehensive, and current, this two-volume set is the only Canadian text available for PCP and ACP training that closely correlates with the new Paramedic Association of Canada Competency Profiles. Easy to read and comprehensive, this set is the only reference you will need for your Primary and Advanced Care Paramedic training. Canadian references are used throughout, including up-to-date coverage of current procedures, new infectious disease safeguards, emergency drugs, and more


Table of contents

      Division 3     Trauma Emergencies


Chapter 16       Trauma and Trauma Systems

Chapter 17       Blunt Trauma

Chapter 18       Penetrating Trauma

Chapter 19       Hemorrhage and Shock

Chapter 20       Soft-Tissue Trauma        

Chapter 21       Burns

Chapter 22       Musculoskeletal Trauma

Chapter 23       Head, Face, and Neck Trauma

Chapter 24       Spinal Trauma

Chapter 25       Thoracic Trauma

Chapter 26       Abdominal Trauma


Division 4    Medical Emergencies


Chapter 27       Pulmonolgy

                         Part 1       Pathophysiology and Respiratory Disorders

                         Part 2       Airway Management and Ventilation

Chapter 28       Cardiology

                   Part 1      Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology, ECG Monitoring and Dysrhythmia Analysis

                                 Part 2       Assessment and Management of the Cardiovascular Patient

      Chapter 29          Neurology

      Chapter 30          Endocrinology

      Chapter 31          Allergies and Anaphylaxis

      Chapter 32          Gastroenterology

      Chapter 33          Urology and Nephrology

      Chapter 34          Toxicology and Substance Abuse

      Chapter 35          Hematology

      Chapter 36          Environmental Emergencies

      Chapter 37          Infectious Disease

      Chapter 38          Psychiatric and Behavioural Disorders

      Chapter 39          Gynecology

      Chapter 40          Obstetrics


     Division 5         Special Considerations


      Chapter 41             Neonatology

      Chapter 42             Pediatrics

      Chapter 43             Geriatric Emergencies

      Chapter 44             Abuse and Assault

      Chapter 45             The Challenged Patient

      Chapter 46             Acute Interventions for the Chronic-Care Patient


      Appendix A         PCP and ACP Competencies




Published by Pearson Canada (June 14th 2005) - Copyright © 2006