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Ethics for the Information Age, 8th edition

  • Michael J. Quinn
Pearson eText Ethics for the Information Age -- Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9780135217979

Includes: eText (12-month access)

8th edition

Published byPearson (September 15th 2020) - Copyright © 2020

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Instant access

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Ethics for the Information Age prepares you to consider both the social and ethical short-term benefits of a piece of technology, as well as possible long-term effects. After reading this text, you'll gain a solid grounding in ethics and logic, an understanding of the history of technology, and a familiarity with current and cutting-edge information technologies and their related issues.

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Table of contents

1. Catalysts for Change

2. Introduction to Ethics

3. Networked Communications

4. Intellectual Property

5. Information Privacy

6. Privacy and the Government

7. Computer and Network Security

8. Computer Reliability

9. Professional Ethics

10. Work and Wealth

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