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Exercises for Weather & Climate, 9th edition

  • Greg Carbone

Published by Pearson (January 15th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

9th edition

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Geoscience Animation Library on DVD

ISBN-13: 9780321716842

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  • DVD

    Videos that bring concepts to life.


Created through a unique collaboration among Pearson Prentice Hall’s leading geoscience authors—including Robert Christopherson, Darrel Hess, Frederick Lutgens, Aurora Pun, Gary Smith, Edward Tarbuck, and Alan Trujillo—the Geoscience Animation Library (GAL) offers over 100 animations that illuminate the most difficult-to-visualize topics in physical geology, physical geography, oceanography, meteorology, and earth science.


Available on DVD-ROM, the animations are provided as Flash files and pre-loaded into PowerPoint® slides for both Windows and Mac. The Fifth Edition animations now include audio narration and a text transcript, with new controls that enable instructors to turn the text and audio on or off.


URL: http://www.mygeoscienceplace.com


Table of contents

Climate & Atmosphere
Atmospheric Energy Balance
Atmospheric Stability
Atmospheric Stability and Saturation Control
Coriolis Effect
Earth-Sun Relations
El Niño and La Niña
Global Warming
Global Wind Patterns with Hadley Cells
Orbital Variations and Climate Change
Ozone Depletion
Water Phase Changes

Cyclones and Anticyclones
Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts
Hurricane Wind Patterns
Jet Stream and Rossby Waves
Midlatitude Cyclones
Tornado Wind Patterns
Wind Pattern Development

Cones of Depression
Earth’s Water and the Hydrologic Cycle
Water Table Formation

Biomes & Ecosystems
Biological Productivity in Midlatitude Oceans
Daily Movement of the Deep Scattering Layer

Earth’s Interior
Lava Lamp Convection
Flipping of Earth's Magnetic Field
How Seismic Waves Reveal Earth’s Internal Layers
Inclination and Declination
Mantle and Core Dimensions
Seismic Wave Motion with Surface Effects
Seismic Wave Motion
Wave reflection and Refraction

Age of Earth
Angular Unconformities, Nonconformities, and Disconformities
Kelvin Calculation of Earth’s Age
Radioactive Decay
Relative Geologic Dating

Earth’s Materials
Calcareous Ooze and the Calcite Compensation Depth
Dry Compaction and Liquefaction
Foliation of Metamorphic Rock
Foliation Processes
Fractional Crystallization
Igneous Features and Landforms
Mantle Melting and Pressure-Temperature Graphs
Shoreline and Sedimentation Changes
Turbidity Currents and the Formation of Graded Bedding
Tuttle and Bowen’s Data

Dry Compaction and Liquefaction
Elastic Rebound
Seismic Wave Motion with Surface Effects
Seismic Wave Motion
Shoreline and Sedimentation Changes

Erosion and Weathering
Erosion of Deformed Sedimentary
Exposing Metamorphic Rock
Physical Weathering

Mass Movement
Dry Compaction and Liquefaction
Mass Movements: Five Main Types
Mass Movements: Uplift and Mass Movement
Mount St. Helens, Washington: Debris Avalanche and Eruption

Tectonics and Structure
Convection and Tectonics
Convergent Margins: India-Asia Collision
Divergent Boundary Formation
Global Geography Through Geologic Time
Mantle Melting and Plate Tectonics
Motion at Plate Boundaries
Pangea Breakup
Plate Boundary Features
Relative and Absolute Motion
Seafloor Spreading and Magnetization
Seafloor Spreading and Plate Boundaries
Stress and Strain Graphs
Tectonic Settings and Volcanic Activity
Terrane Formation
Transform Faults

Caldera Formation
Caldera Formation: Crater Lake
Hot Spot Volcano Tracks
Magma Rising from the Mantle
Mt. St. Helen's
Tectonic Settings and Volcanic Activity
Volcano Types

Ocean and Coastal Systems
Beach Drift and Longshore Currents
Biological Productivity in Midlatitude Oceans
Calcareous Ooze and the Calcite Compensation Depth
Coastal Stabilization Structures
Daily Movement of the Deep Scattering Layer
Ekman Spiral Coastal Upwelling/Downwelling
El Niño and La Niña
Movement of Barrier Island in Response to Rising Sea
Movement of Sand in a Beach Compartment
Ocean Circulation
Seamounts/Tablemounts and Coral Reef Stages
Shoreline and Sedimentation Changes
Sonar and Echolocation
Summertime/Wintertime Beach Conditions
Tidal Cycle
Tidal Patterns
Turbidity Currents and the Formation of Graded Bedding
Wave Interference
Wave Interference with 3D Visualization
Wave Motion and Wave Refraction
Wave Properties

Fluvial Systems
Natural Levee Development with Flooding
Sediment Transport by Streams
Stream Processes: Floodplain Development
Stream Processes: Oxbow Lakes
Stream Processes: Oxbow Lakes and Floodplain Development
Stream Terrace Formation

Glacial Systems
Glacial Advance and Retreat
Glacial Isostasy
Glacial Processes

Eolian Systems
Cross Bedding
Sediment Transport by Wind

Solar System Formation
Nebular Hypothesis of Solar System Formation

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