Experiencing MIS, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • David M. Kroenke
  • Randall J Boyle
  • Andrew Gemino
  • Peter Tingling

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Experiencing MIS is a Canadian text that takes a business-process approach to the study of information systems. Written in a casual, conversational tone, with rich pedagogy and bold visuals, this book teaches the concepts, skills, and behaviours that are essential for success in business in the twenty-first century.  

Table of contents


Chapter 1 The Importance of MIS 

Knowledge Extension 1 Collaboration Information Systems for Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Project Management (ONLINE ONLY)

Chapter 2 Business Processes and Decision Making

Knowledge Extension 2 Business Process Modelling (IN TEXT)

Knowledge Extension 3 Collaborative Information Systems for Student Projects (ONLINE ONLY)

Chapter 3 Productivity, Innovation, and Strategy

Knowledge Extension 4 Introduction to Microsoft Excel (IN TEXT)



Chapter 4 Hardware and Software 

Knowledge Extension 5 Mobile Systems (ONLINE ONLY)

Chapter 5 Database and Content Management 

Knowledge Extension 6 Database Design (IN TEXT)

Knowledge Extension 7 Using Microsoft Access 2016 (IN TEXT)

Knowledge Extension 8 Using Excel and Access Together (ONLINE ONLY)

Chapter 6 The Cloud

Knowledge Extension 9 Network and Cloud Technology (IN TEXT)



Chapter 7 Organizations and Information Systems 

Knowledge Extension 10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems (ONLINE ONLY)

Knowledge Extension 11 Supply Chain Management (ONLINE ONLY)

Chapter 8 Decision Making and Business Intelligence

Knowledge Extension 12 Database Marketing (ONLINE ONLY)

Knowledge Extension 13 Reporting Systems and OLAP (ONLINE ONLY)

Chapter 9 Social Networking, Ecommerce, and the Web 

Knowledge Extension 14 Enterprise Social Networks and Knowledge Management (ONLINE ONLY)



Chapter 10 Acquiring Information Systems through Projects

Knowledge Extension 15 International MIS (ONLINE ONLY)

Knowledge Extension 16 Introduction to Microsoft Project. (IN TEXT)

Chapter 11 Structure, Governance, and Ethics

Chapter 12 Managing Information Security and Privacy

Knowledge Extension 17 Systems Development Project Management (ONLINE ONLY)

Knowledge Extension 18 Agile Development (ONLINE ONLY)

Knowledge Extension 19 Data Breaches (ONLINE ONLY)

Knowledge Extension 20 Business Process Management (ONLINE ONLY)

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