Exploring Microsoft Office 2010, Volume 1, First Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Robert T. Grauer
  • Mary Anne Poatsy
  • Michelle Hulett
  • Cynthia Krebs
  • Keith Mast
  • Keith Mulbery
  • Lynn Hogan
  • Andrew Igonor
  • Randy Jenne

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The Evolution of computer application texts for Canadian Students

Exploring MS Office 2010 will be the first and only Canadian text in the market.  This exciting new series seeks to help students understand the why and how behind each skill they learn in MS Office 2010 while placing the examples and references in a Canadian context.  This new Canadian adaptation offers students an engaging transferable experience in learning Office 2010 applications.  Students will gain a full understanding of how to use and apply MS Office applications for personal and career use extending the learning beyond the classroom.


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The Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 Canadain edition series of books is only available through Pearson's Custom Library.  To build your book and receive an isbn please work wtih your Pearson representative.

Table of contents

Windows 7

Chapter 1            Getting Started with Windows 7


Chapter 1            Office Fundamentals and File Management


Chapter 1            Introduction to Word

Chapter 2            Document Presentation

Chapter 3            Collaboration and Research

Chapter 4            Document Productivity


Chapter 1            Introduction to Excel

Chapter 2            Formulas and Functions

Chapter 3            Charts

Chapter 4            Datasets and Tables


Chapter 1            Introduction to Access

Chapter 2            Relational Databases and Queries

Chapter 3            Customize, Analyze, and Summarize Query Data

Chapter 4            Creating and Using Professional Forms and Reports


Chapter 1            Introduction to PowerPoint

Chapter 2            Presentation Development

Chapter 3            Presentation Design

Chapter 4            PowerPoint Rich Media Tools

Published by Pearson Canada (February 1st 2011) - Copyright © 2012