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F&B Module 24: Beverage Management: Wine Programs, 1st edition

  • Peter Szende
  • Margie F Jones

Published by Pearson (December 16th 2013) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

F&B Module 24: Beverage Management: Wine Programs

ISBN-13: 9780132818223

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  • Unassigned


Hospitality Management Learning Modules is a series of concise and self-contained modules written by experts in the hospitality industry. They are designed with both students and instructors in mind.  These modules can be used as stand-alone documents or combined to form a custom instructional packet tailored to fit the unique needs of the instructor and course curriculum.  Due to the consistent and streamlined format, most modules can be covered in one or two 90-minute class periods.


About this module:


Beverage management is the supervision of alcoholic beverage operations in a hospitality business.  The hospitality business may be a single location, such as a bar; multiple outlets in a single business, such as three restaurants, two bars, and banquet space within a hotel; or multiple locations for a single business, such as a chain of bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, etc.  This module sets forth the key issues of managing the beverage system and developing a program for wine and other alcoholic beverages.


This module is part of the "Food and Beverage Management" curriculum, which is built around nine clusters:

  • Introduction
  • Special Segments and Operations
  • Responsible Food Service
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Menu Planning
  • Facility Planning
  • Service Procedures
  • Process and Revenue Management
  • F&B Control Procedures


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