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Families Across the Life Course, 1st edition

  • James M. White
  • Todd F. Martin
  • Silvia K. Bartolic

Published by Pearson Canada (March 15th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Families Across the Life Course by White, Martin, and Bartolic provides a comprehensive introduction to the issues surrounding marriage and the family. Taking a traditional, life course approach to the topic, it traces the diversity of paths that social relationships can take during their development. The text’s interdisciplinary approach analyses issues not just from a sociological perspective, but also includes research from family studies, economics, political science, and demography.

Table of contents



  1. Defining ‘Family’ Across the Life Course
  2. Torts Life Course Analysis
  3. Dating and Mate Selection
  4. Cohabitation
  5. Marriage
  6. Fertility and Having a Child
  7. Parent-Child Relations
  8. Institutions
  9. Divorce and Repartnering
  10. Aging Families
  11. Stress, Conflict, and Abuse Across the Life Course
  12. Changing Pathways and Emerging Alternatives



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